Contributors to ‘Growing up in The New Age’

Thanks to the following for their contributions, support and/or direct help: Dave Walkling , Brigitte Ryley, Tamsan Barratt, Mike Croft, Val Williams, Malcolm Dickson, Sneha Solanki, Peter Ryley, Katie Bedlow, Helen Mcghie, Arjo Gosh, Susy Powesland, Maureen Barratt, Ben Hill, Alistair Robinson, Pippa Oldfield, Ruth Haycock, Luiza Teixteira de Freitas, Gabriella Arrigoni, Zoe Lippett; Tim Brennan, Arabella Plouviez and the University of Sunderland; Janet and Joseph Drew.


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For Eden and the choices that lie ahead of us



If you went to Kirkdale, on Kirkdale Camps or were involved in Kirkdale, squatting or countercultural South London in the 1960s, 1970s or 1980s we would love to hear from you and welcome potential contributions to the project website.