Dave Walkling

Dave Walkling was born in South London in 1949. He studied Creative Photography at London College of Printing from 1973-5 but left after failing his second year exams. Dave began squatting in 1975 while at college. From 1975 'until 1980, he continued photographed squats although he had be re-housed by 1978. From 1978-1980 he worked with Half Moon Squatting project. Walkling also photographed Kirkdale School in 1986. He contributed to three squatting photo exhibitions 1976-1982 and the Festivals photo exhibition, Deptford in 1996. Walkling has a unique archive of photographs, which capture the atmosphere, and essence of an era. He describes the images as a kind of personal ‘family album’ and it is precisely this quality, which makes them so intriguing.


Squatting series
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Kirkdale series